Miroslav Klose is a professional footballer and former German international striker. He was born in Poland to a Polish mother and a father of German heritage. His family moved to Germany when Miroslav was 8 years old and only knew two German words. He was not considered particularly talented, playing part-time in a local lower league club until he was twenty while learning to become a carpenter. He was once sent home from training with the words 'You'd be better off learning another job because you'll never have a career as a footballer.' However, his dedication, tenacity and efficient style of play eventually got him noticed, and he went on to be the second most prolific scorer in his first year in Germany's national league.

Miroslav's biggest successes came on the international level, where he holds a number of records. He has scored the most goals (16) in the history of the FIFA World Cup, and he is also the German national team's top all-time scorer with 71 goals. He has played in four consecutive World Cups from 2002 to 2014, scoring at least twice in each one. In those four tournaments, the German team never finished worse than third, being runners-up in 2002 and world champions in 2014. Germany never lost a match in which Miroslav scored a goal.

Along with being a world-class footballer, Miroslav is also known for his modesty and sportsmanlike conduct. Once, when his side was awarded a penalty after Miroslav was brought down by the keeper in the penalty area, he told the referee there had been no foul committed, thus getting the penalty kick cancelled. Another time, he accidentally put the ball in the net with his hand. He admitted this to the referee, who then disallowed the goal. Both these actions won him fair play awards. 'It's a big honour for me to receive this award,' Miroslav once said. 'But I am also a bit irritated. For me, it was something you should always do. I would do it again – always.'