Sergeant Antonis Deligiorgis is a member of the Hellenic Army who was involved in the rescue of several migrants and asylum seekers from Syria and Eritrea whose boat was wrecked off the island of Rhodes.

The boat, carrying people from the Turkish coast, hit a reef at Zephyros beach and disintegrated, forcing its occupants to jump off. Antonis was at a local cafe at the time. As soon as he saw what had happened, he ran to the beach, took off his shirt and shoes and leapt into the sea. With the help of the skills he had learned in the army, he single-handedly helped 20 people to the shore, including women and children. With the help of other rescuers who arrived at the scene, 90 of the 93 shipwreck victims were saved from drowning.

One of the women that was rescued, an Eritrean named Elizabeth, was heavily pregnant at the time. A few days later she gave birth to a boy, whom she named Antonis George after his saviour and the patron saint of the Greek Army. Antonis visited Elizabeth in the hospital, bringing her flowers, and although she was later granted asylum in Sweden, he kept in contact with her. The two still occasionally talk over the phone.

Photos from the rescue were published in news media throughout the world. A week later, Greece's Defence Minister awarded Antonis the Cross of Excellency.