Pavel Kadõkov is an Estonian entrepreneur of Ukrainian heritage. When he was 19 years old, he lost his eyesight and right hand in a bomb explosion.

After the accident, Pavel went through an existential crisis. Rather than give up on living, he looked inward, re-evaluated his life and decided to do the best he could with what he had.

He funded and now runs two small businesses. One of them is providing training on how different sounds affect people's mind and body, and the other is producing natural cosmetics. Pavel leads all the processes from beginning to end, and establishes contacts with other companies for selling his products. He also worked with the library of Tartu University as a counsellor and manager for the production of audio books, a project that received recognition at international level.

Despite his best efforts, Pavel cannot do everything by himself. He employs helpers and gives them instructions on how to assist him. However, his most important aide is his wife, whom he affectionately calls his 'eyes and hands', and who is instrumental in keeping his companies going.

Pavel's condition has taught him to not take things for granted. His advice to sighted people is to learn how to see, a recommendation that does not seem to make any sense at first glance. However, he explains: 'Most people tend not to see things like they are, but in the light of earlier life experiences. So most people are actually more in contact with their memory instead of really seeing the ongoing situation. To be able to see the ongoing situation, we have to learn how to see.'